Health measures for your protection against Covid-19

Reception and booking

  • It is preferable to favor reservations by telephone, e-mail or else on our website
  • All requests and requirements will be treated within the limits of health constraints and limited to what is strictly necessary.
  • A key deposit area is set up at reception pending the disinfection of keys and key rings.
  • A breath guard is placed at the reception to avoid being touched by a contaminated postlet or droplet during sneezing or coughing.
  • The reception staff are equipped with a protective visor.
  • A line on the ground marks a distance of 1 meter between customers at the reception of our establishment.
  • Frequent cleaning is carried out every day to decontaminate door handles, elevator buttons, switches, reception furniture, payment terminal, sanitary facilities, stair rails.
  • We have the possibility of sending an invoice by e-mail.
  • We permanently make available to customers at the reception of hydro alcoholic gel, a bin in the sanitary soap, paper towel, bin and in our gym disinfectant wipes, handkerchief and bin.
  • Room service orders must be made by telephone: preparation of the order and delivery to the room door.


  • Each member of staff is equipped with a mask, disposable glove and hydro alcoholic gel and disinfectant solution.
  • If possible, we avoid working in pairs or limiting it to tasks that require it because of their arduous nature.
  • We ask our guests to turn off the heat and open the windows when they leave their room.
  • Guests cannot be present in the room at the time of cleaning.
  • We clean with particular care the door handles, switches, tap, remote control and any accessory that may have been in contact with the hand with a disinfectant solution.
  • Used sheets and towels are put in laundry bags immediately and we respect the distances between clean and dirty laundry.
  • Between each room, disinfection of gloved hands is carried out with hydro alcoholic gel.
  • A bottle of hydro alcoholic gel is available in each room.

Breakfast service

  • Guests are asked to have a tray before serving themselves at the buffet.
  • It is mandatory to respect a distance of 1 meter between each customer, i.e. one customer per table with 1 free table between two customers.
  • You can have your breakfast tray in your room.
  • A member of staff will come to clear the table, disinfect the table systematically before another person comes to take a seat.