Cherbourg’s Ambassadeur Hotel history

The building used to host a dentist and the ‘Maison de Paris’ which used to sell trousseaux for men and young men.
There also used to be flats and a few chambermaid rooms still visible today.

In 1989, a footballer bought 3 buildings, transforming them in a hotel-restaurant under the name of “Vauban”. In 1992, the restaurant and the hotel were separated and became the Vauban restaurant and the Ambassadeur Hotel.

In 2014, Karine and Ludovic Hamel took over the Ambassadeur Hotel, refurbished it entirely and obtained a third star to ensure their customers of a better comfort and service.

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Far from the hubbub of tourism, Cherbourg, at the far end of the Cotentin Peninsula, is a gateway to Europe, half way between the wildness of the “Hague” and the “Val de Saire” valley with its picturesque ports and preserved landscape.

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