Fitness Room

Come relax in our fitness room

Harmony evolves from a natural balance of elements. The WaterRower blends the tranquility of moving water, the warmth of wood, and the rythm of motion.

The calming tones and smooth action encourages the user from stroke to stroke. The symphony of these elements engage the user with a satisfaction which should be experienced.

With the bike, you can undertake a serious cardio work out and do interval exercises that will help you to tone and trim your entire body.

Made a running safe and comfortable on our treadmill that has a hydraulic shock absorption system which gradually reduces the impact on your joints when you are running, and that up to 15% compared to a race on the road.

Nearby (Surroundings): Barfleur, Gatteville, Tatihou, Le Nez de jobourg, …

Far from the hubbub of tourism, Cherbourg, at the far end of the Cotentin Peninsula, is a gateway to Europe, half way between the wildness of the “Hague” and the “Val de Saire” valley with its picturesque ports and preserved landscape.

We will be delighted to guide you through your choice of visits across the typical Norman “bocage” landscape.

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