Environmental charter

Since its acquisition in 2014, the hotel AMBASSADEUR DE CHERBOURG EN COTENTIN has been involved in a Social and Environmental Responsibility approach in order to improve our responsible management practices and achieve our annual objectives to reduce our impact on the environment. Our fundamental values ​​are entirely focused on ethics and environmental exemplarity.
It is a philosophy that we transmit through our Spirit of Service by applying it to our customers, our associates and our community. It is for this reason that we have decided this year to work towards obtaining the “Green Key” label, the first and most recognized international ecological label.

Our efforts and actions are continuous, our main objectives are:
• Obtain the first international ecological label: the prestigious “Green Key”.
• Reduce waste and our waste emissions by 15% by 2024.
• Educate our employees, partners and suppliers about preserving the environment.
• Help customers use the products and services we offer them in a more environmentally responsible way.
• Strengthen our link with the local community and work with local traders and artisans.
• Promote travel by public transport and soft modes of mobility.
• Eliminate chemicals and switch to using eco-labeled products for all daily cleaning tasks.
• Offer a wider range of local / organic / fair trade products on our breakfast buffet and for meal trays.

Our actions are deployed in different areas such as:

⇒ Control of water consumption:
Water-saving systems have been installed on taps and showers to limit waste. Water meter readings are carried out on a regular basis by the Technical Department in order to avoid any malfunction. We also offer our customers wishing to reduce their consumption of water, energy and cleaning products not to change their sheets and towels every day.

⇒ Control of energy consumption:
We monitor and analyze our consumption every month and we organize preventive maintenance.
After the departure of each client, our team takes care of closing the windows and setting the heating system to 18°c. Our lighting installation is mainly equipped with LED bulbs and presence detectors in the common areas.
Our company vehicle is 100% electric.

⇒ Reduction of waste production:
Our establishment provides selective sorting for all types of waste. We also organize sorting in the rooms and limit the individual packaging of hygiene products.
The best waste being that which is not produced, we favor bulk purchases, communication and customer billing by email. We also favor reading documents on screen, limiting our impressions to what is strictly necessary.

⇒ Responsible purchasing:
We carefully select local suppliers who care about the environment and are committed to sustainable development. To avoid overconsumption, we only provide one pair of slippers per room, do not hesitate to ask for an additional pair at reception if necessary. Recycled plastic sorting bins have been installed in your room and your duvet is produced with recycled plastic to prevent ocean pollution. We also provide our customers with fresh water bottles at the hotel reception.
We also inform our current suppliers of our desire and our ecological approach in order to raise their awareness.

⇒ Staff awareness:
Our “Green Team” raises awareness among hotel staff about environmental protection through eco-gestures and promotes eco-responsible behavior to be applied in the hotel as well as at home.
We discuss these good practices several times a year during meetings and we participate as often as possible in events such as the “Earth Hour” or the “European Week for Waste Reduction”.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information or any questions.
We are counting on all of you, our associates, customers, partners and suppliers to act responsibly and protect our planet!

To find out more about the “Green Key” label for which we are applying this year: https://www.laclefverte.org